Ronaldo buys a new car worth 11.5 million dollars | football


The Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, has included a new supercar worth more than 11.5 million dollars, to his fleet of luxury cars.

The Supercar Blog, which specializes in cars, stated that the new Manchester United star’s car is a “Bugatti” model, but it is a special version that includes only 10 cars, according to what the manufacturer stated on Twitter.

Bugatti’s official account tweeted: “We unveiled this masterpiece in 2019 to celebrate our 110th anniversary. Only 10 cars will be built and delivered to customers next year.”

The site said that the new car that Ronaldo bought is one of the most distinguished cars in the world, as it reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.4 seconds, and is manufactured manually at the Bugatti Molsheim factory in France.

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