Resignation is not on the table and there are no cabinet sessions before solving the emerging problem


Prime Minister Najib Mikati said in a press statement, “The security situation is stable and there is no fear, but politically, I will not call for a cabinet session before a solution to the problem is found. I do not want to provoke any party.”

When asked about how to solve the judicial dilemma, Mikati said: “I will not interfere with the work of the judiciary, and it is not possible for me to breach my obligations. I told everyone that I will not interfere in the work of the judiciary, nor in the work of the judicial investigator, Tariq Al-Bitar. The judiciary must reform itself by itself. There is a law and a constitution that cannot be skipped, and the existing dispute is the judiciary that is able to solve its problem.”

Can the Supreme Judicial Council ask Al-Bitar to step down? He believed that “the council cannot ask al-Bitar to step down, and it has no right to do so. The issue needs time to find a solution.” Regarding the meeting that took place between Mikati, the Minister of Justice and the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, he pointed out that “I was briefed by them on the investigations into the events of last Thursday, and I informed them of my position that I will not interfere with Al-Bitar’s work.”

As for the Tayouneh clash, Mikati said: “What happened has happened and we must work to address it. The solution is political. As long as I am present, I will not allow any group to be oppressed. Lebanon is a country of balances, and everyone must resort to it.”

Regarding the resignation, Mikati stressed that “it is not on the table. It is not possible to leave the country in these circumstances, nor to leave the vacuum to include all the authorities. We have clear basic tasks: developing an economic reform plan, and holding parliamentary elections on time, and I am committed to these two tasks.”


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