Report: 50% rise in breast cancer among women in India


The report from Indra Pratha Apollo Hospital in India revealed that since the past three years, there has been a 50% rise in middle-aged women (aged 35-50) reporting breast cancer cases in India.

The hospital report stated that the estimates are based on outpatient records by physicians, and the report quoted Dr. Ramesh Sarin, senior consultant surgical oncologist at the hospital as saying, “Based on our records from the past three years, we noticed that 50% of women who reported having breast cancer and related symptoms The connection was between the ages of 35 and 50.”

Sarin pointed out that through the data of consultations in hospitals for breast cancer, it was found that although 53% of the reported cases are in the early stages of cancer and 47% in the advanced stages of cancer, with a total percentage of 20% in the fourth stage and 27% in the stage The third is cancer.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women and accounts for nearly 30% of the total cancer burden reported among women. In India, breast cancer is in its advanced stages and therefore they have to undergo all relevant treatment modalities which are physically and mentally challenging, besides, the epidemic has caused reluctance to visit hospitals which has resulted in many women delaying treatment or ignoring early signs and symptoms, which has increased the rise Obviously in the cases.

The report revealed that the rate of survival or treatment drops significantly from early to advanced stages with 90% of women in stage 1 and 2 surviving more than 10 years while only 30% survive in stages 3 and 5. % in stage 4.

The authors of the report emphasized, “We need to increase detection by up to 70 or 80% in the early stages of cancer by educating women about the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer to achieve a better cure rate through proper management of the disease.

Causes of premature aging can also be faulty genes inherited from parents or a history of breast or ovarian cancer in a close family. Certain lifestyle choices also contribute to the risk of breast cancer in young women such as limited or reduced physical activity, increased obesity and smoking.

The report stressed that excessive consumption of alcohol and some oral contraceptives is directly associated with an increased risk of breast cancer in younger women. Therefore, women are strongly advised to be aware of their sedentary lifestyles and any newly noticeable signs of breast cancer such as a lump, discharge or change in breast color. .


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