Rashid Al-Majed sponsored the study of Nishan .. Details announced by the latter in public


Lebanese journalist Nishan revealed for the first time details about the Saudi artist Rashid Al-Majed’s sponsorship of his studies for a master’s degree in Switzerland years ago.

In the details, and during the arrival of the Saudi star as a guest on Nishan’s new program, “Omar’s Session,” Nishan said, “I want to tell you a secret.” Rashid replied, “Float the camera.” Nishan continued his speech: “Walk with people. I want to share this part of my life with people. I decided that If God brought us together to meet his experience.”
And he continued: “In 2011, people, I took a leave of absence from mbc television to take another master’s degree.

Nishan added: “I remember exactly, two weeks after I traveled to Geneva, I went to the university, I paid the premium, and I found the installment paid. After a while, I called Privat to hear Rashid’s voice. How are you, I linked that he paid the premium.”
He continued: “I told Rashid to study for me and you how much the highest mark is, I told him 10/10, I graduated 4/4, and today it is time to say I am grateful that you are supporting in order to succeed, and this is something I wanted to share with millions of followers with appreciation and gratitude.”


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