Queen Elizabeth’s health raises concern after a night in hospital


The night that Elizabeth II spent in hospital and was kept secret first, raises questions about the health of the 95-year-old queen, and her official work program has been burdened in the recent period.

And Buckingham Palace did not officially announce late yesterday evening that the Queen was admitted to hospital until after the newspaper “The Sun” revealed this information. He justified her stay in the hospital between Wednesday noon and Thursday noon, officially, by the necessity of undergoing “preliminary examinations” after she was forced to rest.

The BBC journalist in charge of following up on the royal family, Nicholas Witchell, said: “Buckingham Palace did not give us a complete and reasonable picture of what was going on, and the media led to believe Wednesday that the Queen was resting at Windsor Castle (…) while she was being taken to a hospital. in central London. “The problem is that in the absence of reliable information, rumors and misinformation spread,” he added.

Nearly 70 years after her accession to the British throne, Queen Elizabeth still appears in good health in public.

The Queen recently participated almost daily in official occasions, while it was rarely announced that she was admitted to the hospital. The last time she was hospitalized was in 2013 when she spent 24 hours in hospital with a gastroenteritis. On Tuesday, she attended a reception at Windsor Castle near London, attended by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and businessman Bill Gates. I shook hands with them without gloves and spoke to those invited standing and without a mask. She had received the anti-Covid vaccine.

And when it was revealed that she had spent a night in Edward VII Hospital, sources in the palace rushed to tell the British media that it was only a matter of consulting specialists and that she stayed overnight only for “practical” reasons, before returning Thursday noon to Windsor, west London, to resume carrying out “light duties.” “.

And Elizabeth II is the record holder for the period of her stay on the throne, which she ascended in 1952. She is still a popular figure in Britain and around the world, receiving appreciation for her preservation of the monarchy despite the major transformations that Britain went through during her rule, from the end of colonialism to Britain’s exit. From the European Union, despite many crises that rocked it, such as Diana’s death in 1997.

Finally, the institution was rocked by the devastating withdrawal from the monarchy of her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who traveled to California, or accusations of sexual assaults targeting her son Andrew.
Her heir, Prince Charles, 72, is far less popular than her. Newspapers say he intends to reduce the monarchy’s lifestyle by limiting it to a few active family members.

Despite constant speculation about her withdrawal, especially after the death of her husband Philip in April at the age of 99, Elizabeth II, head of state for 16 kingdoms, continues to participate in many events in public places.

She no longer travels abroad and is represented by the crown prince, but she participated in the G7 summit by receiving US President Joe Biden in June, presenting decorations and meeting new ambassadors to the United Kingdom, sometimes by video conference. The Queen is expected to participate in the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) in early November in Glasgow, Scotland.

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