Qardahi sparks an acute diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia


“Lebanon Debyte”Lebanon Debate learned that “the recent statements of Minister of Information, George Kordahi, will cause a severe diplomatic crisis between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.”

The source told Lebanon Debate, “The Saudi officials’ dissatisfaction with Qardahi’s statements,” expecting that “in the coming hours, we will witness more tension in the relationship between the two countries, which is already witnessing a major setback.”

The source added, via Lebanon Debate: Minister George Kordahi “did not learn from the failure of former Minister Charbel Wahba when he entered the Saudi-Lebanese relationship through a “dark tunnel.” on a diplomatic crisis.The recent statements of Information Minister George Kordahi after he considered the Houthis in Yemen a “resistance movement” against what he described as the “Saudi-Emirati assault on Yemen”, sparked widespread controversy among activists on social media.

In this context, political analyst Nidal Al-Saba tweeted on his account via “Twitter”, writing: “Because of the failure of Minister George Kordahi, we are heading to a severe diplomatic crisis during the next few hours.”

He added, “The resignation of George Kordahi is now required, because the relationship with Saudi Arabia is a sacred relationship and it is more important than all other people.”


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