Protests accompany the lighting of the Olympic torch for the 2022 Winter Games in China – Al-Binaa Newspaper


The torch relay was lit for the Beijing 2022 Winter Games in ancient Olympia on Monday, more than 100 days before the Games, as a number of Tibetan protesters attempted to protest inside the Olympic cradle.

The Chinese capital will become the first city to host both the Winter and Summer Games, when it hosts the event from February 4-20 next year, under the slogan “Together for a Shared Future”.

But protests and calls for a boycott have not stopped because China’s human rights record has marred its preparations to host the Olympics. Three protesters against human rights abuses in China stormed the archaeological site where the Beijing 2022 Olympics torch-lighting ceremony is taking place and ran towards the Temple of Hera, carrying a sign reading “No to Genocide Games.”

Protesters jumped from the top of a fence in order to enter and tried to reach the area where the celebrations are taking place. The police controlled the protesters and detained them. The torch was lit in the cradle of the ancient Olympics under heavy police guard. Fans were not allowed to attend the lighting ceremony due to measures to prevent the Corona virus pandemic.

The first torchbearer in the “symbolic” Olympic torch relay in Greece will be Greek alpine skier Ioannis Antonio, and he will be one of only three competitors to take part in the symbolic relay.

Because of the sanitary measures of the epidemic, the traditional Olympic torch relay has been canceled in Greece, as it will only be moved from the old stadium to the memorial to the founder of the modern Olympic Games, French Baron, Pierre de Coubertin, and then it will be transferred to the Athenian Acropolis, before it is delivered today, Tuesday (November 19). I) to the Chinese delegation at an official ceremony.

Foreign fans will not be allowed to attend the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and tickets will be distributed only to residents of China.


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