“Private Education” is discussing with schools the mechanisms for the full and safe return of students


The Sharjah Special Education Authority, with the principals of private schools in which the attendance of students and their commitment to direct education is less than 50 percent, discussed the challenges and difficulties of the next stage, and reviewed mechanisms and ways to implement preventive measures and measures, to ensure a complete and safe return of students to schools.

This came during a meeting held by the authority yesterday, in the presence of Ziad Shatat, director of the Continuous Improvement Department, and Laheeb Al-Metwally, a quality expert, in addition to Rashid Majed from the control department of the authority, studies expert Dr. Matthew Ruby, and a number of authority leaders, in addition to private school principals.

The meeting comes as a continuation of a series of meetings held by the authority during the past few weeks, with the aim of paving the way for private schools and enhancing their preparations to receive students on October 31, with a full and comprehensive return to the attendance education system.

The meeting touched upon the challenges that schools may face during the full return process, and the most prominent solutions and proposals to overcome them, in addition to highlighting the four recovery indicators that supported the decision to return, and included attendance rates, positivity, vaccination and compliance, and most private schools in Sharjah achieved the relevant goal, with a presence of at least 50 in One hundred students.. The meeting expected the schools to achieve a full return within October 31.

Dr. Muhadtha Al Hashemi, Chairman of the Sharjah Private Education Authority, said that the authority is determined to implement a complete return to the direct education system, after it became clear to it, through its diligent follow-up, the readiness of private schools for the usual educational system. (wam)


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