On charges of sexual abuse of children .. Pretrial detention of a swimming coach


A former swimming coach has been placed in pretrial detention until next November, following a decision issued by an Australian court, against the background of old accusations of child sexual abuse.

John Reginald Wright, 78, has been extradited to Queensland, after he was charged last week with nine counts of child sexual abuse.

The charges relate to alleged incidents in the early 1980s in Brisbane and Rockhamton.

Wright was due to appear in Brisbane District Court on Saturday, but his case was postponed for two days for medical reasons.

Wright did not appear in court when his case was mentioned Monday, and his lawyer did not ask for bail, according to the Associated Press.

Wright is scheduled to appear for trial on November 15 in the same court.

Wright’s detention follows an investigation by Queensland State Police, after the Australian Broadcasting Corporation broadcast allegations that the coach sexually assaulted the boys he was training.

After the sudden death of an Olympian who claimed that his swimming coach sexually assaulted him, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) revealed two other accounts of other players saying they were assaulted by the same coach in the pool.

A former world-ranked South African swimmer told Australian Radio he was assaulted by the same coach for six months in 1998.

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