”Now” Yalla Shot Al-Ahly live broadcast bein 1 HD|| Watch Al-Ahly and the National Guard match broadcast live today 10-16-2021


Yalla shoot live broadcast of Al-Ahly and the National Guard today. A great summit for the players of the Red Castle on the floor of the General Ciné Conch stadium, and he will be a guest of his opponent in this meeting in the round of 32 of the African Champions League 2022, its new version, and a great football season entered by the players of the Egyptian teams and a struggle for the African championship that settled in Egypt a lot recently. Watch the Al-Ahly and National Guard match directly, Yalla Koura.

Yalla Koura presents you with a live broadcast of Al-Ahly and the Nigerian National Guard in the 2021 African Champions League, we attach to you the details of today’s meeting, where two giants will meet, so that the match will be on the evening of Saturday, October 16, 2021, which will start at 15:30 GMT, It will also start at 4:30 pm in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, and the meeting will be at 5:30 pm Cairo time, and it will be at 6:30 pm Saudi time, and the meeting will be at 7:30 pm UAE time, and it will be at 6:30 pm. And half in the evening, the time of Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Palestine.

The frequency of On Sport, the carrier for the National Guard match against Al-Ahly, direct

On Sport channels will broadcast the meeting, and we can enjoy the match via the following frequency, where we can enjoy the match now, the Red Castle with Anby, via the ON Time Sports 1 HD channel, during which Hatem Batisha commented, and Moamen Hassan. The frequency of On Sport 1 can be obtained from the following frequency:

Channel nameThe satelliteFrequencycodec rate
TIME SPORTNile Sat1186127500

Watch Al-Ahly Match broadcast live now. The two teams will meet in the framework of a friendly competition before the qualifiers, as part of one of the strongest friendly matches of the team, and the meeting will be on ON Time Sports 1 HD, and the commentator is Moamen Hassan.

Yalla shoot live broadcast of Al-Ahly and the National Guard today

Yalla Koura Al-Ahly live broadcast live. The players of the club’s first football team played a strong division at the end of the team’s training, which was held this Friday evening, in Nij. Al-Ahly fought its only training in Niger, in preparation for the National Guard match scheduled for 4:30 p.m. tomorrow, Saturday, Niger time “5:30 Cairo time.” In the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, General Seni Konche Stadium in the capital, Niamey.

Al-Ahly club coach Mosmani said that in this match, Al-Ahly club is striving to achieve the heart, not just winning. Al-Ahly Club ranked third and won the bronze medal for the second time in its history and seeks to achieve the gold as soon as possible in order to raise its status among the world’s top clubs.

Summary of Al-Ahly and National Guard matches live

Ahli 0-0 National Guard

  • The players of the two teams went down to the field, warming up in preparation for the start of the first half of the meeting, and a great atmosphere of enthusiasm during the current match.
  • The genie will have his first and only goal to achieve an expensive victory tonight, to be like his wife, Zamalek, after his victory with a clean goal.
  • The start of the first half, and a strong start to the current atmosphere of this exciting match in the 32nd round of the strongest African championship.
  • Red prepared strongly, and enters his opponent in order to settle the match early, and get three expensive points.


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