Nour after the “caliphate” of Abdul Ghani in victory: deals from Al-Ittihad… and historic reconciliation with Al-Hilal


Press reports circulated about the possibility of Muhammad Nour assuming the position of executive director in the first football team at Al-Nasr Club, after the dismissal of Hussein Abdul-Ghani, while the Saudi sports street wondered about the difference that this big change could make in the Marsool Park Stadium.

Abdel-Ghani, 44, has been the CEO of Al-Nasr, since November 20, 2020.

On more than one previous occasion, Hussein Abdel-Ghani raised widespread controversy, because of his behavior, once in a heated argument with Khaled Al-Baltan, president of the youth, and in another, he falls into the trap of Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, where a personal dispute broke out between them, before things escalated. Hottest, with an attempt to attack both Salman Al-Faraj and Ali Al-Bilahi, on the sidelines of the victory match against Al-Hilal in the AFC Champions League.

The media, Sultan Al-Harthy, confirmed today, Monday, that there is a great possibility that he refers to the succession of Muhammad Nour, Hussein Abdul-Ghani, in Al-Nasr.. This prompted us in “Saudi Sport” to review what the 43-year-old can offer in his new mission.

deals from the unionThere are no doubts about the deep relationship that Nour has with Al-Ittihad, given that he is one of the most prominent legends of the Federal Football Association, throughout history, so he is expected to make reciprocal deals with the Jeddah giant, or perhaps obtain the services of some players, after they enter the free period .

Fahd Al-Mawlid is a very close friend of Muhammad Nour, and the latter has always defended him, to the extent that he described him as a “symbol of the union”, in previous statements to “SBC Stadium”, and he also attacked the fans because of their harsh criticism, so he may succeed. Persuading him to wear the victory shirt instead of Al-Hilal.

– suckHistorical scene with Al-HalaL: A few days ago, Al-Ahly fans poured out their anger against Nour, because of the mockery of Al-Ahly Castle, but the Al-Ittihad legend quickly apologized, surprised by the misunderstanding of his statements, saying: “Who am I to offend Al-Ahly?”

Nour, after retiring from football, seemed keen to establish good relations with enemies before friends, which hints at a very good relationship with Al Hilal, unlike what Hussein Abdel Ghani did, in the last period.

– Protecting Hamdallah: Muhammad Nour gives a special affection to the Moroccan striker, which is confirmed by looking at his answer to the question: “Which is better, Abd al-Razzaq or Gomez”, as he made it clear that there is no comparison between them, pointing to the advantage of the victory star, by a large difference, thanks to his ability To score from all difficult situations and impossible opportunities.

It is certain that Muhammad Nour, is able to protect Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah from the mass attack, and even convince him to renew the contract that ends in the summer of 2022.


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