Night completes the animated trilogy, directed by Ahmed Saleh


Driven by painful memories of war and its devastating effects on humans and stone, Palestinian-German director Ahmed Saleh is working on presenting a series of animated films that awaken the meanings of humanity and resist all forms of occupation. After my films (The House), which won second place in the German Short Film Competition, and (My Eyes), which won the Student Oscar for Best Foreign Short Film, Saleh screened his latest film (Lil) at the El Gouna Film Festival.

The film is 16 minutes long and deals with the story of a grieving mother searching for her daughter in the rubble after their house was bombed.

As the film expresses the tragedy of every mother who lost a son or daughter in the conflicts around the world, it sends a warning message to the warring parties everywhere that those who pay the price in the end are innocent and have no guilt.

Director Ahmed Saleh said: “I was born in Saudi Arabia and lived my childhood there, where I watched everything that was happening in Palestine on television before I went there to enroll in university, and during five years I actually lived through many stories and saw with my own eyes what I thought was far away.”

He added, “My three films are inspired by these years and the story of the mother who lost her child and was begging someone to tell her that she died. I was a party to it. This mother asked me to do this, but in the film I preferred that the mother appear alone because this is her story and I replaced my character at night as a natural force with greater connotations.” ».



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