Neymar reveals the “magic recipe” for the brilliance of Saint-Germain


Brazilian star Neymar confirmed that he is aware of the huge potential in his French team, Paris Saint-Germain, but urged the need for a “better understanding” between the players if they want to achieve titles.

Neymar said during an interview filmed last September and shown on YouTube on Thursday: “No matter what names are in the team, we are aware of our potential and the team we have today. But if we don’t play together if we don’t work together, if we don’t make efforts for each other, We will not achieve many things. As a team, we need a better understanding between each other in order to achieve our goals.”

Messi’s former Barcelona teammate added: “When all these big names who made football history come together, it makes us one of the main teams that everyone is trying to outdo, it’s clear. But I think the other teams have strengthened their squad very well. In football, You have to play.”

The capital team leads the French league standings, seven points behind Lens II and its group in the Champions League, but the fiery trio Lionel Messi – Kylian Mbappe – Neymar has not yet provided the expected spark since the arrival of the Argentine star last August, and has not yet entered the next Spanish defender Sergio Ramos From Real Madrid any game.

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