Newspaper secrets for Thursday, October 21, 2021


Construction: secrets and behind the scenes


International parties are trying to scrutinize the background of the bombing that targeted Damascus in light of the intersection of “Israeli”, Turkish and American interests in confusing Syria and the security of its capital, with the aim of knowing who is behind the terrorist explosion with the Turkish President’s words about sticking to staying in Syria on the same day in light of the escalation of the Idlib front… !


Political and diplomatic sources tried to explore the background to the words of a former anti-Hezbollah deputy about the lack of a suitable atmosphere for holding the elections and the inevitable victory of Hezbollah as a result, and whether the speech was coordinated with its allies or with external parties, or if it was merely an expression of a hopeless personal electoral situation…

The call of the homeland: secrets

It was noted that the women’s quota proposal involves regional discrimination that carries cultural implications assumed in the perception of women according to governorate and sect, as determining the number of seats allocated to women out of the number of representatives varies from one electoral district to another: for example: Baalbek-Hermel the ratio 1/8, Zahle and Akkar the ratio 1/8 and Beirut 2/19, while in the rest of the districts the number ranges from 3/1/ and 4/1.

A political source commented that the failure to approve the financing card forced the political parties to rely on the sectarian card to motivate the voters, which would mean pricing sectarian discourse among the other parties.

Future Movement circles are circulating that Prime Minister Saad Hariri may be reluctant to return to Lebanon once and for all if his financial and foreign problems are not addressed.

Major General: Secrets

Officials recalled reassurances about a certain ceiling for the price of the dollar, then skipped it in the midst of the rise in fuel prices at home and abroad.

The statement of one of the new ministers raised a controversy regarding its effects, before the minister had to intervene to correct it and explain its content.

It was reported that the judicial investigator is caught between two pressures: one of them demands that he step down in order to find a way out, and the other is to confront after providing some kind of guarantees!

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