News 24 | What do you do if one of your teeth falls out and can it be returned to its place? .. Health clarifies


Teeth healthThe Ministry of Health clarified the correct behavior in the event of a blow or injury that caused a tooth to fall, indicating that it is possible to return the tooth to its place if it is handled correctly.

The ministry said that if one of the permanent teeth falls out, one should go directly to the dental clinic within a period not exceeding 30 minutes as much as possible, and before that the tooth must be taken from the crown (top of the tooth) and not from the root.

She added that if the tooth is dirty, it should be rinsed quickly with water only without rubbing it by hand or any other means, and it can be returned to its place inside the mouth and gently pressed with the finger and then gently closed the mouth.

She pointed out that if the tooth cannot be returned to its place in the mouth, it must be kept moist by immersing it in milk, and not completely immersed in water because the cells of the root surface do not tolerate water for a long time.

She stressed the need to reach the dental clinic as soon as possible, as the shorter the time between tooth loss and going to the clinic, the better the result.

She pointed out that these instructions are for permanent teeth only, and for milk teeth, when they fall out, they must go to the dental clinic without trying to return the tooth to its place in the mouth.

It showed that it is the milk teeth that grow during the infancy stage, while the permanent teeth are those that grow after the fall of the milk teeth.

She stressed that in the event of any injury or symptoms in the head and neck area as a result of the accident or fall, such as feeling dizzy or disturbed vision or the presence of cut wounds, the doctor must be informed of that.


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