News 24 | Watch… the attack on the Al-Hadath TV reporter by Hezbollah members in Beirut


Assault on the correspondent of Al-Hadath channel Members of the terrorist Hezbollah militia attacked the correspondent of the “Al-Hadath” news channel while she was covering the events taking place in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, today (Thursday).

Al-Hadath channel published the moments of the attack on its correspondent by Hezbollah militia members in the Tayouneh area in Beirut.

The video showed an argument between the reporter of the event and a Hezbollah member, for their refusal to film the events and their demand for her to leave, which developed into an assault, until the reporter started screaming loudly.

Immediately, the Al-Hadath reporter ran away from the place she was in, trying to reach the car and get out of that area, saying: “Now we are in an unsafe situation and we can’t talk now.”


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