News 24 | The story of an Afghan who died by tourists and his documents showed that he was alive in Sajr


expressive imageA death case revealed that an Afghani forged his personal documents by impersonating one of his resident citizens and copying an identity that bears all his data.

Al-Afghani died, according to “Al-Riyadh”, in a traffic accident in the Al-Asyah governorate, and his body was deposited in the mortuary until the completion of the official procedures.

After referring to the deceased’s fingerprints and taking a DNA sample, it was found that he entered the Kingdom two years ago on an Umrah visa, and holds a forged residency and driver’s licence.

For his part, citizen Salman Al-Otaibi confirmed that the passage of tourists contacted him and informed him of the death of his sponsored, indicating that he was surprised by this; Because he was sitting with him at that moment.

He pointed out that investigations proved that the deceased had a forged residence permit that was reproduced from the residence of his sponsored.


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