News 24 | The Minister of Islamic Affairs directs to allocate the next Friday sermon to warn against the Al-Sururiya terrorist organization


Abdul Latif Al SheikhThe Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, directed mosque preachers to allocate the next Friday sermon to warn against the terrorist (Al-Sururiya) organization.

He explained that this organization pursues secrecy to reach its goals, foremost of which is inciting people to rebel against the rulers, divide the Muslim community, sow division among them, and spread wars in their countries.

The minister called for the sermon to include a reminder of the importance of meeting the word, unity of ranks, and renunciation of groups and organizations, including the Al-Sururiya terrorist organization, and a statement of the goals of this organization and what it seeks to corrupt in Muslim countries, as well as talk about the danger of this organization, and that it is one of the faces of the terrorist Brotherhood.


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