News 24 | Specialist: Excess allergies expose their owners to low blood pressure.. These things help to regulate it


Specialist: Excess allergies expose their owners to low blood pressure.. These things help to regulate it Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology at Taibah University, Dr. Muhammad Al-Ahmadi, said that people who are hypersensitive are at risk of low blood pressure, if they are exposed to some shock, anxiety or stress from a certain thing.

Dr. Al-Ahmadi added, during his speech on the “From Saudi Arabia” program on the “Saudi Arabia” channel, that high blood pressure is more dangerous than low; Because it is difficult to control, indicating that the normal blood pressure is 120/80, and blood pressure begins to rise if it exceeds 140/90, and is considered low when its reading is less than 90 mm Hg for the upper number.

He added that high blood pressure is divided into two types; The first is the illusory pressure, which is related to the fear of the place such as the clinic or the doctor’s clothes, and this does not count, while the second is known as masked blood pressure, in which the patient is normal at the doctor and when he goes to his home the pressure rises, indicating that these two cases need to measure the pressure over two days Complete to know the nature of pressure.

He pointed out that low weight helps to stabilize and disappear blood pressure in addition to sleeping enough at night, physical activity, and changing life behaviors, warning people with high pressure above 200 mm of physical activity, but they must take medications and consult a doctor.

He also warned people who suffer from high blood pressure not to enter the “sauna or hot tub” immediately after completing exercise, because it may cause health complications or fainting, advising people with low pressure to exercise gradually and calm down for 10 minutes before stopping from Exercising until the blood returns to normal.


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