News 24 | Lebanon: dead and injured as a result of two explosions and shooting during protests against the judge of the Beirut Port accident


Lebanon: dead and injured as a result of two explosions and shooting during protests against an accident judge Six people were killed and about thirty others were injured as a result of shooting in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, today (Thursday), during demonstrations.

Protesters affiliated with the Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia had demonstrated today in protest against the judicial judge, who is charged with investigating the explosion in the port of Beirut.

As the demonstration passed in a square near the Christian neighborhood of Al-Rummaneh, fire broke out from a point inside the neighborhood, which led to an exchange of fire, and at least two explosions were heard.

The Lebanese army deployed heavily in the area, which witnessed the shooting today, and had previously witnessed a Lebanese civil war that began in Ain al-Remmaneh in 1975.

A statement issued by the Lebanese presidency stated that President Aoun had contacts with the Prime Minister, the Ministers of Defense and Interior and the Army Commander and followed up with them the developments of the security situation of the events in the Tayouneh area to restore calm to the region.

In turn, the Lebanese army said in a statement that its deployed units will shoot at any gunman on the roads and anyone who shoots from anywhere else, calling on civilians to evacuate the streets.

Political tension is rising over the investigation into the Beirut port explosion, as the Iranian-backed armed group Hezbollah calls for the dismissal of investigative judge Tariq Bitar, accusing him of bias.


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