News 24 | Islamic Affairs: Continuing the application of social distancing between worshipers and implementing prevention recommendations


expressive imageToday, Tuesday, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance confirmed the continuation of applying the distance between worshipers and working with precautionary measures, in accordance with the recommendations of the Public Health Authority “Weqaya”.

The ministry attributed this to the fact that mosques are visited by all ages and various health conditions, and there are no points to check the health status through the “Tawaklena” application, which requires taking measures to preserve the health of those who go to the homes of God.

She stated that she constantly follows up with the concerned authorities all the instructions received regarding precautionary measures, and is working to implement them in order to ensure the safety of mosque-goers, calling on everyone to take information from official sources and beware of rumors.

The ministry pointed to the statement of the Ministry of the Interior, regarding the easing of the precautionary measures followed since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, which confirmed the continuation of physical distancing and wearing masks in places where health status verification is not applied through “We Trust” in it.


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