News 24 | Corruption in one of them exceeded 102 million.. Oversight and anti-corruption handles a number of criminal cases


Control and Anti-Corruption AuthorityThe Control and Anti-Corruption Authority “Nazaha” announced that it had initiated a number of criminal cases during the last period.

An official source in the authority stated that the legal procedures are being completed against those involved in corruption.

The cases represented in bribery, manipulation of public money, forgery and extortion, as they came as follows:

The first case

Represented in the suspension of a manager of a commercial entity and two employees working in a bank because the manager of a commercial entity submitted a “forged” contract with a major company to the bank, and the commercial entity obtained financing amounting to 102 million riyals, and the existence of cash deposits of 700 thousand in the bank account of one of the bank employees whose source was not justified. .

The second case

It included suspending the director of health affairs and quarantine supervisor in one of the regions and a resident working for one of the companies contracting with health affairs for offering a job to a female citizen in exchange for her giving up a complaint of extortion she had previously filed against the resident, indicating the appearance, during the investigations, of the director of health affairs baptizing a business entity owned by a father Quarantine supervisor to implement “unimplemented” projects, pay their dues, and receive 500,000 riyals in return.

The third case

It was the arrest of an officer with the rank of colonel and non-commissioned officer working in the supervisory committee on border demarcation, and a citizen for their agreement to manipulate the areas and locations of real estate located on the border areas, and through them to obtain financial compensation to be disbursed to the property owners in return for obtaining (50%) of the value of the compensation.

Fourth case

The arrest in flagrante delicto of an employee of the National Water Company in one of the regions, while receiving an amount of 300,000 riyals out of 600,000 from a real estate company in exchange for completing the procedures for delivering water for a project to construct residential villas affiliated to the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, and implemented by the company.

Fifth case

It included the arrest of a non-commissioned officer working in the prison administration in one of the regions, for obtaining a sum of one million riyals from one of the detainees in a drug case, in exchange for his illegal release.

Sixth case

The arrest of two female citizens in one of the regions for establishing and managing a charitable association, collecting donations through it, transferring sums of money totaling 748,4 thousand to their personal accounts, and misleading the supervisory authorities by causing the disbursement of these amounts on training courses and expenses for the association and submitting incorrect invoices.

Seventh case

The arrest of a resident in flagrante delicto, while handing over 100,000 riyals and a mobile phone to an employee of the Ministry of Commerce in exchange for canceling a violation and opening a warehouse that was closed by the ministry because a group of residents cheated commercially in marble stones.

The eighth case

An employee at the National Center for Environmental Compliance Control of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture was suspended for obtaining an amount of 54.7 thousand riyals in installments, in return for completing transactions at the Environmental Support Office of the National Center for Environmental Compliance in one of the regions, and the presence of cash deposits in his bank accounts in the amount of 714 thousand. Evidence of the safety of its source.

ninth case

The suspension of a doctor and a female doctor of Arab nationality working in a hospital affiliated with the Ministry of Health for issuing incorrect medical prescriptions with the aim of dispensing infant formula not intended for sale from the hospital pharmacy and receiving money and gifts in kind in return from three “suspended” residents who work as marketers in the milk manufacturer with the aim of increasing Company sales and resale by them again.

The tenth case

It was the arrest of an employee working at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing in one of the regions for obtaining an amount of 20 thousand riyals out of an amount of 125,000 from an investor in exchange for dividing a property lease between the investor and the trust in order to reduce the value of the contract.


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