News 24 | Civil Aviation issues updated regulations to address the conditions of canceled tickets due to Corona


General Authority of Civil AviationToday (Thursday) the General Authority of Civil Aviation issued updated regulations for handling tickets for canceled flights, and directed air carriers operating in the Kingdom that canceled any flights due to (Corona), to address the conditions of travelers.

The authority clarified that if the traveler chooses to terminate the contract, the value of the unused itinerary will be returned to him according to the method of payment, and in the case of issuing an exchange voucher to the traveler, he will be able to reuse it or retrieve it; As desired, without paying any additional amounts or fees.

She pointed out that if the passenger accepts to reschedule his trip, this does not entail collecting additional amounts or fees in the event that the trip is on the same itinerary.

She stressed that if the passenger requests to change the itinerary, the air carrier has the right to collect the price difference only, without adding other fees for the purpose of rescheduling or issuing.

travel regulations


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