News 24 | Cancellation of the fingerprint in the electronic marriage contract.. and this is the new mechanism


FingerprintA source revealed that the Ministry of Justice will cancel the fingerprint system in the electronic marriage contract, starting next (Sunday), and will work according to a new mechanism, with the aim of developing the service and providing it to the beneficiaries in a better way.

The source explained toNews 24The new system of marriage contracts is represented by the husband entering the electronic link, filling in all the required data, noting that everyone is registered in Absher, and submitting the application through the platform.

He added that the husband receives a message after submitting the request on the mobile to create a secret number, and after a maximum of 48 hours has passed, he will receive another message from the central attribution in the ministry with approval, and thus the service links reach all parties to certify and verify the validity of the data, and in the event of a shortage, a request will be made to amend the missing data And raise it again.

And he indicated that in the event of approval and approval by all parties, coordination is made with a legal official and the application number is handed over to him to attend the marriage contract council, and the data entered by the husband is approved, and its validity is verified, and then the contract is approved by the legal official.

He pointed out that the previous mechanism used to enter the data of the parties during the marriage contract and in the presence of the invitees, and sometimes it was discovered that the data was incomplete, which causes embarrassment to the grooms, but the new mechanism ensures that the data is completed and approved in advance before the marriage contract session, pointing out that the role of The authorized is to ratify the contract.


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