Newcastle changes his mind about wearing the Arab dress in the stands… What did he say?


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Newcastle United, the English club, owned by Saudi Arabia, changed its guidance on fans wearing the traditional Arab dress, indicating that they can wear whatever they see fit.

The club said in a statement that preceded its match against Crystal Palace, which ended in a 1-1 draw: “The club’s new owners from the local communities were overwhelmed with happiness two weeks after the acquisition of the club,” he said.

“Fans who celebrated by wearing traditional clothing, including head coverings, were part of this welcome,” Newcastle added in a statement.

“Those who want to support the club by wearing traditional clothing inspired by the (Arab) culture can feel free to do so in their own way,” he said.

And the English club said: “In order to reiterate what we said previously, neither the club nor its new owners felt insulted as a result of wearing these clothes, and they appreciate the expressions of support and acceptance from our great fans.”

The club had asked its fans to avoid wearing Arab clothes after the team’s first match against Tottenham Hotspur, where many fans appeared wearing traditional Saudi clothes.


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