New ‘Maradona’ .. Who made the crazy decision to treat him outside the hospital?


Matias Morla, the private lawyer of the late Diego Maradona, who died on November 25, 2020, considered that two main reasons behind the death of the Argentine star are poor medical care, and the crazy decision of his family to treat him outside the hospital.
Morla testified before the Argentine judiciary, in the matter of Maradona’s death, and said, “His voice in recent days was strange, as if it was a robot, very loud and intermittent, then I realized that this was due to the amount of water in his body, but I did not understand the reason for his return to the house, when The doctors said he should stay in the clinic.”
And the Public Prosecution Office of the Buenos Aires Court has begun the stage of hearing witnesses, and they will include Maradona’s nephew Jonathan Esposito, his former secretary Cristian Pomargo, who were staying at his home when he died, notary Sandra Veronica, and Maradona’s former accountant Andrea Tremarichi.
The prosecution suspects seven people, accused of failing to provide the necessary care, including neurosurgeon Leopoldo Lucchi, psychiatrist Agustina Kasachov, psychiatrist Carlos Diaz, home care coordination doctor Nancy Forlini, nurse coordinator Mariano Peroni, nurses Ricardo Omar Almiron, and Dahiana Madrid.
If those seven who testified before the courts are convicted, the penalty will range from eight to twenty-five years in prison.


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