NASA publishes an epic fantasy video of man’s exploration of space across the universe


NASA publishes an epic fantasy video of man's exploration of space across the universe

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NASA focuses on the hard sciences in reality, but isn’t averse to indulging in a little science fiction.

In line with this trend, on Tuesday, October 19, the US Space Agency released a promotional video for a virtual extrasolar travel office.

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NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has shared its vision for future human space exploration, as the Visions of the Future video shows exotic vacation destinations booked through the fictional Exoplanet Travel Bureau.

“The explorer and the inspiration for the journey are at least as important as rockets and satellites,” NASA said. “You may have imagined standing on Mars and watching a rocket launch, but have you ever thought of floating on a raised platform through the clouds of Venus, or parachuting to an exoplanet resembling Neptune? HD 40307 g or two suns visible from the surface of Kepler-16b?

The minute-long video clip, “Visions of the Future,” shows different people carrying out various activities on distant planets. From paddling on Titan, Saturn’s water-covered moon, to observing the landscape from the highest constellation on Venus.

NASA inspired the video from a series of posters to give us a vision of the future of space tourism, which is supervised by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, to highlight space destinations near and far from Mars to the dwarf planet Ceres and then the exoplanets in other solar systems. They are all real places, although we know more about some of them than others.

Goddard also shared short behind-the-scenes clips on how to create video using green screens.

Source: CNET


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