Nardine Farag ignored Red One and Belayashi, I was not informed of the participating artists of Mohamed Ramadan in El Gouna.


10/19 16:28

The media, Nardine Farag, revealed the reason for not presenting the artist Raid One and Noaman Belayashi during their participation with Mohamed Ramadan in presenting the lyrical paragraph for the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival.

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Faraj published a picture of Red One and Noaman Belayashi and wrote a comment, “A statement for clarification regarding criticism of the failure of the co-stars to present the artist Mohamed Ramadan at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival last Thursday, and they are the two Moroccan stars Red One and Noaman Belayashi. I am interested in clarifying the following.”

Farraj continued, “I was not informed in any way that there are artists participating in the song by Muhammad Ramadan. The organizers did not ask me to attend the song’s rehearsals because according to the schedule, it was not my job to present the song on stage, which explains my lack of knowledge of the name of the song and the stars participating in it.”

She added, “What was decided and agreed upon was the invitation of the engineer, Samih Sawiris, and the artist, Yousra, to the stage again to present Mohamed Ramadan, but they were not aware of this, so I intervened to end the confusion to present it without anyone telling me in advance any details about the song, and that he was accompanied by other stars, I contacted personally with The star Red One confirmed his conviction that I am not responsible for the situation and his appreciation for my communication in order to remove any misunderstanding.

She concluded her speech by saying, “It goes without saying that I respect all the stars, and I cannot imagine my responsibility for ignoring any artist, and I express my appreciation and respect to the two Moroccan stars, the brotherly Moroccan people and all the Arab peoples.”

It is reported that the artist, Bushra, apologized to Red One for not presenting him at the ceremony, through her account on the Instagram website

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