Myriam Fares celebrates the birthday of her child “Dave” in a cheerful atmosphere and publishes his photos with his brother


Myriam Fares held a special celebration at her home on the occasion of the birthday of her second child, Dave, who completed his first year. Myriam published a group of joyful photos from the atmosphere of the occasion, in which her eldest son “Jayden” also appeared, and the footage reflected the happy family atmosphere that the Lebanese star Myriam Fares lives with her two children.

Myriam Fares celebrates the birthday of her child “Dave”

The Lebanese star, Myriam Fares, shared her followers on Instagram with her joy in celebrating the birthday of her second child, Dave. his young

The pictures showed funny clips from Dave’s birthday party, which appeared with clear facial features, unlike his brother Jayden, where Miriam was keen to publish his pictures without showing his face, while Miriam’s husband, who still refuses to appear in the spotlight, was absent from the pictures.

Myriam Fares attached the pictures to a special greeting for her little one, so she wrote to him: “The little one is a year old.. God offers you all the good days.. returns to you, beloved of Mama.”

The audience interacted with the cheerful pictures of Myriam Fares’s family and wished the child beautiful and happy days with his family.

Last year, Myriam Fares announced the birth of her second child, Dave, through a short video clip that showed only the child’s hands, and wrote on the video: “It is true that you came to life in the most difficult year in the world, but you will be safe because I will hide you with my eyes.”

Myriam Fares reveals the features of her second child in a funny video

A few days ago, the Lebanese star, Myriam Fares, decided to share with her fans the joy of the first steps of her second child, “Dave”..

The little Dave appeared walking at a sluggish pace, while his mother, Myriam Fares, encouraged him, while his father, businessman Danny Mitri, tried to protect him in case he stumbled, as he made sure to follow his steps.

The audience stopped at the features of the youngster, considering that he resembles his mother, Myriam Fares, with the color of his skin and eyes, and they flirted with his beauty, while the video received more than a million views within 24 hours.

Myriam Fares’ latest artistic activities

The Lebanese singer Myriam Fares performed a concert at a wedding two days ago, where she published a video of her performing a popular dance that sparked widespread controversy by placing the cover on her hair and face.

Recently, Myriam released the song “Ghadara Ya Donia” on the YouTube video site, which she filmed as a video clip, and the song was written by Rola Fares, composed and mixed by Walid Al Masih, and distributed by Idriss Roshish, and the song is considered part of the documentary film “The Journey”. It was released at the same time on Netflix.

The attached photos are from Myriam Fares’ Instagram account.


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