Muhammad Ramadan publishes a new clip of dancing with the flight attendant and reveals her nationality (video)


The Egyptian-Egyptian actor, Mohamed Ramadan, published a new video clip of him with the two flight attendants on his private plane, after the clip that sparked a wide interaction with them yesterday.In the new clip, which he also posted on his pages on social media, Muhammad Ramadan revealed the nationality of the host who appeared with him dancing in the first video, as well as dancing with him in the second video, and wrote, commenting on it: “And the German host, Al-Farfoucha, Bardou Rizk.”

The new clip received wide participation on Facebook, as more than 1,700 accounts shared it, about 80,000 accounts liked it, and more than 2 million accounts watched it on Ramadan’s Instagram account.

Ramadan appeared, in the first video yesterday, through his account on “Instagram”, as he danced a flight attendant in his private plane to the tunes of his song “Ya Habibi”, saying: “Hostess Farfoucha Rizk.”


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