Mexican rapper raises controversy with “a wig and golden teeth”


used to rap singer Mexican Dan Sur, aged 23, sparked controversy with photos and videos showing his exaggerated use of gold jewelry, especially on his official page on the “Instagram, Tik Tok” websites.

Scenes of “Dan Sur” showed his hair being replaced with tufts of gold chains that he implanted with a hook in his skull, and shortly afterwards he published a set of videos showing him eating chicken flavored with gold, as well as some of his drinks in which he put gold.

The Mexican rapper also painted his teeth with gold, and besides that, he wears it with multiple images on his neck and hand, making him the first in the world to do such strange behavior.

“The truth is I wanted to do something different because I see that everyone dyes their hair, and I hope that everyone does not imitate me now,” Dan Sur explained to his followers in a video through his account with the “Tik Tok” application, which numbered more than 2 million people.

The Mexican artist added that dozens of chains were implanted in his skull under the skin, although it is difficult to know if it is real, but it actually appears stuck in his head, noting that he has a hook implanted in his head, and this hook has other hooks and they are all hanging in his skull, under his skin.

Doctors warned Dan Sur’s procedure, although he received the care he needed, but choosing it from a health perspective can be very harmful, as it can cause a high risk of infection, in addition to permanent scars or inflammation of the scalp. Head.

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