Messi reveals to his friend Aguero “a secret” and the way to win the Ballon d’Or


Messi reveals to his friend Aguero


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Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero stated that he arrived in Barcelona with the expectation of playing alongside fellow star Lionel Messi and creating a good team, which the club was trying to do.

Sergio Aguero moved to Barcelona during the last summer transfer market, after the end of his contract with Manchester City.

Aguero said, during his interview with the Spanish newspaper “El Pais”: “Let’s be honest, who is the player who does not want to play in Barcelona? I would like to tell you that most football players want to wear this shirt (Barcelona shirt), even if the team is good. or bad.”

He continued, “I arrived in Barcelona with the expectation of playing alongside Messi, and forming a good team, which is what the club was trying to do, and when they called me I said to myself I don’t care what they will pay me, I am improving well and will help the team as much as I can.” Asked why he was not crowned the best player in the world, Sergio Aguero replied: “I was thinking a lot about the missing thing, and one day I asked Messi and he told me that in order to win the Ballon d’Or, the Champions League must be crowned, and he is right.”

He added, “I played great seasons, scored many goals and won many titles, but not the Champions League.”

On Messi’s departure, Aguero commented, “It was a very shocking and bad moment, and I did not believe it, and when I went to his house on Saturday, he was not in good shape, I tried to make him forget what happened, and I distracted him by talking about my team in the PlayStation and other things we do.” “.

On his current position with the team, after returning from injury, he revealed: “I cannot consider myself a key player, except when I do things well and help the team, and if not, then not, and this is what I think about, helping the team every time I play, Knowing that there have been changes in the team, including the departure of Messi.”

Aguero revealed: “I had no problems working with Guardiola at Manchester City, I never argued with him, and we had to explain things to each other when he took the job, because we didn’t know each other before. The past three years have been great, and Guardiola is a coach who always wants the maximum from players”.

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