Marvik’s fate is determined by the two: dismissal or stay?


The National Teams Committee in the Football Association discusses the reasons for the decline in the level and results of the first team, during the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, and the reasons that led to only 3 points out of 12 points during the past four matches, the last of which was a two-goal draw against Iraq, and the National Teams Committee is also studying the future of the device The coach, led by Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk, during the coming period.

The Board of Directors of the Football Association, during its meeting next Monday, will discuss the progress and future of the national team during the qualifiers. The National Teams Committee, during its upcoming meeting headed by Youssef Hussein, seeks to find solutions to save Al-Abyad, absorb the anger of the masses, correct its course and put it on the right path during the coming period, especially since the hope still remains, in obtaining one of the qualification cards, if the offers and results improve during the next six matches. .

Two scenarios for discussion

There are two scenarios before the National Teams Committee, the first is to dispense with the technical staff led by coach Marvik, and to use one of the coaches working in the local league, whether citizens or foreigners, who is familiar with the players and qualifying competitions to save what can be saved, and the strongest candidate for that task is Sharjah coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari, in If Sharjah Club agrees, the task of the new coach with the national team will be difficult because he is on the verge of important matches in the World Cup qualifiers, as he is scheduled to meet South Korea on November 11 in Seoul, and Lebanon on the 16th of the same month, in Sidon, Lebanon, and it is one of the difficult and fateful matches. In Al-Abyad’s march, Al-Abyad will also participate in the Arab Cup, which will be held in Doha from 1 to 18 December.

As for the second scenario, it is the renewal of confidence in the technical staff led by Marvik, while seeking to correct the team’s path and remedy the negatives that have emerged during the last period. The consequences are not calculated, and this decision, if issued, will be followed by a session between the National Teams Committee and the coach in order to discuss how to advance the team and improve its results during the coming period.

Rank down

After the result of the Al-Abyad match against Iraq, which was held between them the day before yesterday in the fourth round of the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, and ended in a draw with two goals for each, Al-Abyad’s ranking fell to fourth place in the first group with 3 points, while the Iranian team leads the standings with 10 points. Against 8 for South Korea, 5 for Lebanon, 3 for Iraq, and 1 point for Syria.

Al-Abyad’s chances of qualifying appear on paper, as he will play 6 matches, with Korea in the next round at the end of the first round, with Lebanon in his stadium, Syria in Dubai, Iran in his stadium, Iraq in his stadium, and Korea in Dubai, and he can collect points that qualify him to reach the World Cup.

crazy minutes

The match between Al-Abyad and Iraq witnessed 15 crazy minutes, which started in the 73rd minute when the young player Muhammad Al-Attas made a mistake, when he tried to clear the ball, but scored an own goal to tie the Iraqi team 1-1. For his team one minute before the end of the original time of the match, and everyone realized that the match would come out with the victory of Iraq, but Ali Mabkhout equalized in added time, this time that witnessed 3 changes in the ranks of the players for coach Marvik in a strange timing, and before the final whistle, Khalfan shot Mubarak a ball hit the crossbar and landed on the goal line and the goalkeeper tried to save it, but the ball crossed the goal line. By ending the match, everyone was confused by this strange decision and spoiled the atmosphere of the match.



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