“Male” songs sing the German Forum stage


Expo Dubai: «The Gulf»

This week, at the German Pavilion, a concert was held by the young singer Mile, accompanied by his band. The songs of “Male” are distinguished by their embodiment of life experiences he has gone through and therefore every person can go through, and the ten songs he presented were in harmony with his strong vocal performance.
Among the striking songs that “Mail” presented during the ceremony, a song revolving around childhood friends entitled “It was the beginning.” He also presented another song entitled “The Other Man”, about the experience of his mother’s second marriage and how he suffered but did not show it, as for his last song, entitled “I will follow you” inflamed the enthusiasm of the audience, who interacted with it greatly, and it is an emotional song with an accelerating rhythm that attracted the audience, which consisted of several nationalities from the visitors of Expo 2020, among whom was a distinguished presence of the Arab audience, who was greeted by Mail at the beginning of the ceremony, and he also saluted the country The United Arab Emirates and thanked it for its hospitality, and thanked the organizers of the German Pavilion theater that hosted him tonight, on one of his most beautiful artistic trips, in which he was keen to present special and different songs.
The singer’s enthusiasm
The audience in the theater expressed their admiration for the experience. Michelle Gerroise of Papavoco Genk said: “I loved the music and the singer’s enthusiasm, and I was also touched by the song he sang to his mother because I consider it a message to every woman facing such a situation.”
“The music was great, the show was good, and I enjoyed the songs and their meanings,” said Alice Koningi, from Papavokuginc.
As the Chinese Sophia and her sister Maria said, they attended the show from beginning to end and enjoyed the music and singing, and were happy to have the opportunity to take some souvenir photos with Mail after the party.
Nadia Gramnica from France also commented that the show was good and the voice of Mile was strong and beautiful, while both Abrar Khurshid and Tikhon Patanuak expressed their strong affection for the lyrics, and finally Liming Mai from China said that the concert was interactive first-class where the singer was interested in going down From the stage and singing with the audience.


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