“Makadi Nahas” celebrates its new song “Ana Weyak”


The Jordanian singer Makadi Nahas To revive her newest concert in Jordan, at 8 pm on Saturday, November 6th.

Makadi returns to captivate the hearts of her Jordanian audience with a special evening on Al Shams Theater in the capital, Amman, during which she celebrates the release of her newest song “Ana Weyak”, which is scheduled to appear in a mini-album that includes the song with two different arrangements and two musical pieces also composed and distributed by Yazan Al-Hijri.

This awaited look comes after the echoes of the mass success that Makadi achieved at the end of last September, during her participation in the Jerash Music Festival for Culture and Arts.

Makadi narrates the thirst of her fans through a combination of her most famous songs, such as “Haya Ala Haya”, “Yama” and “Ma Ashqah”, with the presentation of the first show of her newest songs “Ana Weyak”, which appeared in the form of a video clip, and collaborated during the song with the Syrian musician Weighs ah.

Makadi Nahas’ artistic journey extends for more than twenty years, resulting in five albums, the first of which is “Kan Yama Kan”, during which she embarked on an adventure to sing in the Iraqi dialect in the early 2000s. Her musical project as a composer and songwriter, after which she sang for children her third album “Jawa Al Ahlam”, and then concluded her albums journey with “Noor” accompanied by Maqam Productions, 6 years ago.


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