“Mahmoud Spicy”, the most famous young singer in Upper Egypt: Folk art is different from festivals


In a short time, he was able to shine his star in the sky of folk art in Upper Egypt, to compete with senior artists by presenting a new color with which young people and the elderly interact, so that his songs become circulated on social networking sites, and reap thousands of views. In the end, he achieved his dream.

Mahmoud Saeed, the famous Bassaisi, is from the village of Sakiet al-Qadi in Naqada, south of Qena, and has an intermediate qualification. He participated with many popular groups in his center and began his singing career 6 years ago. On social media pages.

Mahmoud Saeed, who is famous for “Spacey”, said that there is a clear difference between festival songs and folk art. The festival is a new song heard by a large number of people that depends on certain dialects, while folk art is contemporary with topics from our Upper Egypt society, our customs and traditions, and is still standing, such as talking about relatives, friends and time. With many melodies, and among his songs, which he is famous for, “I wanted it, by God, uncle.”.

People’s love is the end and the goal.” With these words, he completed his talk about his experience in folk and Ghanaian art, which qualified him to become one of the most famous young folk singers at the present time in Upper Egypt and Qena Governorate, pointing out that the important thing is to love people and gather them around him, and that will only come through mutual respect. and hard work.

The popular singer pointed out that his team consists of several people and represents a livelihood for them and holds concerts in a number of governorates, not just Qena, where thousands of people flock to concerts to listen to his songs and their favorite songs and travel great distances to attend concerts..


Mahmoud Said
Mahmoud Said


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