Louvre Abu Dhabi to promote mental health


Fatima Atfa (Abu Dhabi)

Louvre Abu Dhabi organizes spiritual experiences within sports and psychological activities and activities, including cycling, yoga sessions held under the museum’s dome, in addition to film screenings, in a new trend that emphasizes the role of culture in promoting mental health.
Amna Al Hamada, Acting Senior Officer for Community Outreach at the Louvre, said that it is a new topic for Arab and Gulf culture in general, and after opening the museum’s doors, the Louvre Abu Dhabi took the initiative to highlight the theme of peace of mind and soul, through the art pieces in the museum or the educational programs it offers to visitors.
She explained that this opportunity allows all visitors to the museum to see a different experience to promote mental health, adding that the museum is keen to ensure safety, as they work on health and safety rules, and adhere to the procedures that come from the government and apply them in the museum, as they care about mental health and enhance the value of sympathy with The staff is first class and the visitors too.

  • Amna Al Hamada
    Amna Al Hamada

Hamada stressed that this is a fundamental value believed by those in charge of the Louvre, and this is evident through the way visitors are received, and the way educational programs are organized in the museum, because each educational program attracts a specific group, and based on these factors they put mental health into consideration.
She explained that the UAE is based on the method of communication and tolerance with the other, regardless of their affiliation, and that knowledge of Buddhist culture comes through the “yoga” sessions that were included in the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s programs, which is a new addition to the Emirati community. And she continued: “We are the first global museum in the Arab region, and through the museum’s vision that is in line with the UAE’s vision of tolerance, and through the idea of ​​universality in the museum’s art collection, we transcend differences and differences so that all people are in one hand, and this is the tolerance that the state believes in. Emirates since antiquity.
Regarding the new programs in the museum, Hamada said: “The first new event that was recently opened is the “Dragon and the Phoenix”, and it combines the Chinese and Islamic cultures, and China and the Islamic world are full of culture, arts and sciences, and the exhibition will reveal the story of the interaction between these two worlds, as well as we have the Department of Education as Health. A global psychiatry that visitors will see, and we have programs in which continuous cooperation with students through coordination between us and the Emirates Education Foundation, and there are guided tours inside the museum, in addition to interactive remote sessions that we are working on in cooperation with the Foundation’s team for school education, and this will be done with the celebration of the UAE In the fiftieth year, in addition to the value and importance of gold, we will have a “Come to Asia” tour, and the session will be related to the exhibition.”
She referred to the theme of animals in art, and the “Balance and Movement” program, which is suitable for people of determination, and there are school workshops under the title: “Make and Play”, which are inspired by the artworks in the museum so that the artwork is explored according to the presentation and accompanied by a guide, and there is also a program The small guide through which students are invited to the museum, with the Winter Creators Studio, in addition to specialized programs for community groups such as people of determination, senior citizens, orphans and others.

yoga sessions
Maral Badoyan, director of educational programs and resources at the Louvre, confirmed that the Emirati community is interested in mental health, and the interest of the Louvre Abu Dhabi in it is to provide yoga sessions. Among the programs held in the museum are yoga and boating around the museum, in addition to the screening of a film focusing on health and workshops entitled “Interaction and Meditation” presented by the Education Department, noting that this new trend in the Louvre is very important because interaction with art contains useful elements to banish anxiety. , and get a breather.


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