Like science fiction movies.. Surviving depression by implanting a chip in the skull


In an attempt to combat depression, Sarah, 36, performed a unique experiment by implanting a chip the size of a matchbox in her skull.

During the years of treatment Sarah went through to get out of the state of depression, starting with antidepressants and ending with electroconvulsive therapy, and she did not reach a tangible result or improvement, her frustration led her to risk trying to implant a slice in her skull, and the transplant proved to be a winning bet, as she is now far from depression. for more than a year.

According to the BBC, “I have exhausted all possible treatment options. My daily life became very restricted. I felt tortured every day. I can barely move or do anything. When I was in the depths of depression, all I saw was ugly.”

Sarah decided she would undergo the experiment, which involved drilling holes in the skull, then connecting electrical wires directly to her brain, and placing the unit containing the battery and pulse generator in the bone, just below her scalp.

Sarah’s chip is technically always working, but it constantly monitors her brain activity and only delivers an electrical pulse when she feels she needs it.

Sarah is the first person to be provided with this type of brain transplant, and although her case is considered successful, it is not evidence of efficacy.

Doctors are now trying to recruit new volunteers for similar procedures, in the hope of finding a new treatment for depression.

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