Lebanon .. The arrest of a resident who killed his brother and cut off the limbs of the body


Lebanon .. The arrest of a resident who killed his brother and cut off the limbs of the body

Photo from the Internal Security Forces website

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces in Lebanon announced the arrest of a Syrian resident, who killed his brother, cut off the limbs of the body and threw it in an abandoned room, following a dispute between them.

The Directorate said in a statement that “information was available to the Information Division about the disappearance of the named (A. A., born in 1998, of Syrian nationality) and the loss of contact with him,” noting that “through investigations and investigations, the brother of the missing person was suspected, called A. A. (born in 1987). After a monitoring process, a patrol was able to locate him and arrest him in the city of Aley, in a room he recently rented.

And she added: “By interrogating him, he confessed to killing his brother after a dispute between them in a room where they were staying in the Aley area, so he hit him with a hammer on his head and then stabbed him with a knife to ensure his death, after which he cut the limbs of the corpse with a saw and put it in nylon bags and threw it inside a room Abandoned near his place of residence, leaving the rest of the body to be disposed of later, then he cleaned the room and moved to another residence.

The directorate stated that “the parties were found in the abandoned room, and the rest of the victim’s body where the crime was committed, in addition to the seizure of the crime tools, which are a hammer and a saw. The legal requirement was carried out against the detainee, and the relevant reference was deposited with the seizures, based on the reference of the competent judiciary.”

Source: Internal Security Forces website


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