Lebanon..A representative of the “Lebanese Forces” party attends a parliamentary session in possession of a military pistol


Lebanon..A deputy from a party


The hall of the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, where the Lebanese Parliament is holding its sessions

Al-Jadeed channel reported that Lebanese Forces MP Pierre Bou Assi attended the entire parliamentary session with his military pistol.

The channel explained that “the deputy of the (Strong Republic) bloc, Pierre Bou Assi, attended the entire parliament session with his military pistol, and when the session approached its end, one of the security forces noticed the presence of the pistol on Bou Assi’s side and informed his security official of that.”

She added, “It was circulated to members of Parliament’s guards who searched Bouassi the moment he left the session, which coincided with the departure of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who was informed of the matter.”

He pointed out that “the members of the council’s guards found the pistol and asked Bou Assi to hand it over to his escort.”

For his part, Bou Assi commented in a tweet on his account via “Twitter”, saying: “I left the hall at the end of the session and gave press statements, then I came back and entered the hall, and only those who entered me into it, that is, the voters, leave me.”

Source: “The New” + RT


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