Learn How to Automatically Use Low Power Mode on iPhone


Thank you for reading the news about Technology: I know how to automatically use Low Power Mode on my iPhone and now with the details

Cairo – Samia Sayed – You can rely on the low power mode in the iPhone to save you in difficult situations in which your phone battery runs out, according to the Arab portal for technical news.

The Low Power Mode reduces the phone’s power consumption when the charge rate drops below 20%..

This mode affects download and connection speeds across 5 . technologiesG different, to conserve the remaining percentage of energy in your phone.

Vacuum system iOS Asking you if you want to activate low power mode if the power drops below 20%.

But with the Shortcuts app, you can have the system do it automatically without asking you when the power drops below a percentage you specify.

Activate Low Power Mode on iPhone automatically

You need to install and use the Siri Shortcuts app in order to activate this feature, and you find the app pre-installed in your phone.

You can also install it later from the Apple App Store at any time you wish, and you can do so by following these steps:

1 Head to the Shortcuts app and then click on the Auto Command button from the bottom.

2 After that, click on the Create New Automated Command button or the Add button if you used the Shortcuts application previously.

3 After that you see a large selection of commands that you can activate and use, but you need to go to choose the battery in the Power section.

You will find a set of options, and here you can select the percentage of power you want to activate the low power mode after.

And you can choose the percentage of the battery that will work after that, and you can make it work after 50%, by choosing the percentage and then pressing Next.

When you move to the next step, press the Add function button, and then choose Activate iPhone Low Power Mode.

Then click on the next step to move to the next option, which is to review the choices you made.

And you must turn off the Ask feature before activation, so that this feature works automatically without any choices, and you can use the Shortcuts application to program any command to work automatically without any intervention from you, and the options that you can activate through this mode are varied.


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