Learn about ways to detect the locations of spy cameras inside the room you live in when traveling abroad


There are many ways to search for spy cameras inside hotels and rooms that you rent through the Internet when you decide to travel to different places, including traditional methods and others relying on technology tools, and one of the most prominent normal methods that can be followed when arriving at the room or hotel that was rented via the Internet It is to search in the living room, specifically at the ceiling fan or smoke sensor, or the like, because the main position of these devices is the position opposite the person, who can detect it adequately.

These small cameras can easily hide in room decor figurines, inside painting frames, or even under shelves, and the user should also look for anything placed in a strange place or any strange ports inside the wall, and cover any suspicious device after detaching it with a cloth .

There are other modern ways to discover it through mobile or other technologies, as it can be used to identify the places where they are placed at night while the light is turned off. The most prominent methods are:

1 rely on an application like Fing To know all the devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, because spy cameras are usually connected to the Internet to raise and store content, and all that a person needs is to point the phone towards the place where he suspects that there are cameras where the “spy camera” is present, and if it exists, it will appear directly on the phone application Especially since the phones camera can see infrared rays at night.

2 Buy a spy camera detector There is a device that can be purchased called a professional spy camera device by searching for a signal detector RF On Amazon It is widely available, then we scan the room using it and it is one of the best ways to discover hidden camera especially if you are someone who is on the go most of the time.

3 Download an application to scan any recording device in the room There are applications that can be downloaded that search for the frequencies used by the recording devices. Detectify And Radarbot Find secret hidden cameras near you for free.

And here we must point out that anyone can easily get spy cameras through a quick search through the Amazon platform, and there are different models and forms of hidden spy cameras, including cameras in the form of pens, painting frames, desk clocks, and more.

The prices of those rear cameras start at only ten dollars, so hotel room officials or home and room renters through services such as Airbnb And others may tend to use it to record everything that happens inside the place, which puts the privacy and security of the user at risk. Spy cameras, spy cameras detection, how to detect spy cameras


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