Leader of the largest armed faction loyal to Ankara: I hope to leave Syria


Raised Fahim Issa, commander Sultan Murad’s team Supported by Ankara in northern Syria, a whirlwind for days has not subsided until now.

The man, loyal to the Turkish authorities, tweeted that he congratulated all speakers of the Turkish language on the occasion of what is known as the “Day of Cooperation”, as he is a Turkmen.

Join the Turkish Council

However, he was not satisfied with that, but expressed his hope that after the “purification and liberation” of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and terrorist organizations, as he described it, it would join the “Turkish Council.”

Issa’s tweet received several reactions on social media, according to what the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

Fahim Issa, leader of the faction of Sultan Murad, loyal to Ankara

Fahim Issa, leader of the faction of Sultan Murad, loyal to Ankara

Syrian activists commented on this call for the country to include Turkish speakers, asking: How can a free country turn its language into another language?!

While others considered that these pro-foreign factions were addicted to “always shabih to a party.” Another commented, “The Turkification policy is back.”

It is noteworthy that since the Turkish-backed factions took control and penetrated the north of the country, many demographic changes have been carried out, according to what the observatory indicated in previous reports.

Turkish flags and schools also appeared in those areas, and the currency of Ankara also replaced the Syrian currency.


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