Launching “Thiqa” to promote the mental health of caregivers


The Emirates Health Services Corporation has launched a “Thiqa Program” to support health care providers affected by the occurrence of a serious unexpected medical event for the patient.

The program aims to provide moral and psychological support for this category because they represent the “second victim” within the framework of the institution’s strategy to enhance the quality of life in the work environment and highlight the axis of promoting mental and mental health and spreading a culture of enabling employees to achieve intellectual, physical and psychological development.

The Thiqa program, which was developed based on international best practices based on scientific evidence, seeks to promote the rights of health care providers in this case through 5 basic values ​​and pillars: justice, respect, understanding, empathy, supportive care and transparency.

Dr. Youssef Mohammed Al Serkal, Director General of the Foundation confirmed that the goal of the program is to take care of the mental health of health staff members, provide supportive programs and train them in stress management, adaptation and supportive communication, noting that maintaining their mental health is a priority of the Foundation in appreciation of the exceptional efforts they provide, and an embodiment of the directives of the wise leadership. The importance and role of the first line of defense and their sacrifices in protecting the health of the UAE society.

Dr. Noor Al Muhairi, Director of the Mental Health Department at the Foundation, explained that the program has entered the implementation phase at the level of hospitals and health centers, and its performance will be evaluated and its effectiveness measured.

For his part, Dr. Zakaria Al-Attal, Director of Quality Management at the Foundation, confirmed that the “Thiqa” program supports the Foundation’s objectives in promoting quality practices with international standards.



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