Karim Benzema’s defense demands his acquittal and attacks Valbuena harshly


Karim Benzema’s lawyers in the Matteo Valbuena sex video extortion case requested today, Friday, the acquittal of their client, while harshly attacking his former colleague, whom they see as wanting to implicate him out of “jealousy.”“.

Lawyer Sylvain Cormier confirmed that Valbuena was a “victim of his actions”, because he was the same person who filmed the sex video in which they later tried to blackmail him..

The lawyer added that Valbuena may have committed a criminal act because the young woman with whom he was having a sexual relationship did not know that he was filming her..

“No one cared about that woman, not even the investigators,” said Cormier, who based his defense on Valbuena’s sporting jealousy that led him to bring charges against Benzema.“.

Cormier and another lawyer, Antoine Faye, insisted that there was no physical evidence of Benzema’s complicity in the attempt to blackmail Valbuena, and indicated that the accusation aimed to implicate their client because of his fame..

Faye questioned Valbuena’s account, as he said that he felt threatened during the dialogue he had with Benzema in Clairefontaine on October 6, 2015 during a camp for the French national team, a talk on the basis of which many accusations were leveled against the Real Madrid striker..

According to the lawyer, despite the fact that Valbuena was already in contact with the police at the time, he did not say anything to the investigators about this conversation..

“He did this a month and a half later, when the content of a phone conversation between Benzema and his friend Karim Zenati was leaked to the press,” he said.“.

During this phone call, which was penetrated by the police, Benzema and his childhood friend – who asked him to intervene in the matter – mocked Valbuena..

This phone conversation is the second evidence of Benzema’s involvement, for which the public prosecutor has demanded a 10-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of 75,000 euros for the French striker..

Faye said: “There is no evidence that Benzema was in contact with the other defendants, other than his friend, or that he knew their intentions regarding the sex video.”“.

Cormier focused on his client’s personality, saying that “he only received three yellow cards in his career, played for only two teams, and continues to pay his taxes in France” and concluded, “Why did he join this criminal gang?”


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