Kalaam Telecom signs a partnership agreement with Injazat to activate the latest cyber security solutions in Bahrain and Kuwait



Kalam Telecom and Injazat signed a partnership agreement aimed at enhancing cyber security services in Bahrain and Kuwait and taking them to new heights.
In accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between them, the two parties expressed their full commitment to cooperate to explore opportunities to develop two dedicated cyber integration centers in Bahrain and Kuwait, and to provide cyber security services to government and semi-governmental institutions, relying on the assets, knowledge and capabilities of the two companies’ portfolios.
The memorandum of understanding was signed by Injazat Osama Dahabih CEO and Kalam Telecom CEO Wafer Bassi, on the sidelines of GITEX Technology Week, which was held last week at the Dubai World Trade Center.
The agreement stipulates that both parties will evaluate possible frameworks and develop high-level business plans to establish advanced cyber-integration centers capable of enhancing the security status of Kalam Telecom’s customer base in Bahrain and Kuwait. The new platform, which is being developed in cooperation with Kalaam Telecom and modeled by the Injazat Cyber ​​Integration Center, will adopt a smart, collaborative and automated security methodology to be able to efficiently confront complex security threats.
The region has witnessed a significant increase in the levels of cybercrime, with around 2.57 million phishing attacks recorded in just three months of 2020, according to the Kaspersky report, knowing that Middle Eastern governments are fully aware of the extent of the threats posed by the new situation in light of the growth of digital transformation projects. Injazat’s Cyber ​​Integration Center is unique in providing a unified proactive methodology to spot potential threats before they arise, based on the integration of behavioral analytics and machine learning. The platform also uses a recommendation engine based on artificial intelligence to suggest the necessary corrective measures based on the study of past behavior patterns, which contributes to enhancing the speed of response.
The partnership will enhance Kalam Telecom’s track record of more than 16 years as a leading provider of technology infrastructure that supports more than 5,000 projects across the Gulf region, as well as its role in helping government agencies boost their digital growth. The company relies on four data centers, equally distributed between Bahrain and Kuwait, the fiber optic cable system (KNOT) and its share in submarine cables for the “Europe and India Gateway” (EIG) network, to provide an integrated infrastructure that guarantees the highest levels of reliability to its customers, which works in partnership with them through Its consultative methodology for designing customized and specialized innovative solutions.
Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Kalam Telecom CEO Ver Bassi said: “We are excited about this partnership with Injazat, which contributes to enhancing the cybersecurity capabilities that we offer to our customers. We will rely on the proactive capabilities of the Injazat Cyber ​​Inclusion Center to achieve our partnership goals by offering solutions that protect organizations from rapidly growing cyber threats and evolving data breach risks in this internet-based market. Clam Telecom continues to enhance its partner ecosystem to provide a unified platform of digital solutions that meet the requirements of enterprises, international telecom network operators, governments and small and medium-sized companies within the region, relying on its highly innovative product lines, including: managed networks, Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and cyber security solutions. and data center services.
For his part, the CEO of Injazat Osama Dahabia said: “The pioneering cyber integration center, through its expertise and capabilities, places us in a unique position throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Our approach enhances traditional security functions with a new balance of capabilities under one integrated entity. The agreement signed with Kalam Telecom provides us with a unique opportunity to invest our knowledge and expertise in order to develop and deploy future cyber capabilities and solutions in Bahrain and Kuwait. These partnerships form part of our strategic approach to Injazat, especially external partnerships, which are essential to developing the digital economy in the region, accelerating the pace of innovation and supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We look forward to the results of this partnership to create an integrated and prestigious defense platform in Bahrain and Kuwait.”
Injaz launched the region’s first cyber-integration center in June 2020 to advance defense capabilities against data breaches and cyber-attacks. The center is unique in the region thanks to its exceptional cyber defense methodology, which is based on proactively managing complex threats, unlike traditional security operations centers, which usually focus on identifying and responding to incidents. The Cyber ​​Integration Center helps organizations simplify their systems and integrate their information into actionable strategies and actions, while improving productivity and reducing costs.

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Source: Al-Ayyam newspaper


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