“Japan Day” at Expo 2020 promotes “Expo Osaka 2025”


The competent Japanese authorities intend to invest the “Japan Day”, which is scheduled to be organized on December 11, in the Expo 2020 Dubai, to promote the International Expo 2025, which it won to host in the Japanese city of Osaka.

Ichiro Matsui, Mayor of Osaka, called on the Japanese government to ease travel restrictions related to the Corona epidemic so that the officials of the Osaka Expo 2025 can travel to Dubai to join the “Japan Day” at the Expo 2020 Dubai International to meet the participants in the international event, especially businessmen and investors, According to a report in the Sankei Shimbun.

As hosts, Matsui and Osaka Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura will visit Dubai on December 11th for Japan Day, where a show and reception are also scheduled. “I want to tour the business community and citizens in time for ‘Japan Day’,” Matsui was quoted as saying, in the hope of making Expo Osaka 2025 live by inviting as many participants as possible.

The newspaper pointed out that Matsui and Kenji Wakamiya, Minister of the Osaka Expo, agreed that the central government should ease the corona restrictions related to travel “with the corona passport” to help the planned tour boost social and economic activities in Osaka that have been stagnant since the epidemic.

Officials at the Expo 2025 headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce said that Osaka plans to allow participants to join the reception, which will be held in Dubai.

Matsui referred to the quarantine as an obstacle limiting the activity of those involved in the Osaka Expo as well as foreign arrivals, saying, “We cannot work if we are quarantined in Japan after returning / from Dubai.”

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said, “Expo Osaka 2025 is a “big project for the new era” after we have overcome the coronavirus crisis.”

As of October 15, the number of countries that have confirmed their participation in the Osaka Expo has reached 58 countries and 5 international organizations, while Japan aims to participate in 150 countries and 25 international bodies.

Sankei newspaper considered that the Dubai Expo is of great importance to Japan’s success in promoting the Osaka Expo. Osaka Expo 2025 officials believe Japan Day in Dubai is a “precious opportunity to convey the themes and magic of Expo Osaka 2025”.



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