Israeli fears of “Hezbollah” missiles… a senior official blows up a surprise about them


A senior Israeli official in the army said that Israel expects to be targeted with 2,000 missiles per day in the event of an armed conflict with the Lebanese “Hezbollah”.Israeli General Uri Gordin said in an interview with “AFP” that cities such as Tel Aviv and Ashdod in the south were targeted in the recent war with the Gaza Strip with “the largest number of missiles” ever since the establishment of Israel.

Gordin, who is the commander of the Israeli home front, added, “In the event of a conflict or war with Hezbollah, we expect that at least five times this number of rockets will be launched daily from Lebanon towards Israel.”For his part, an Israeli security source stressed in a separate interview with “AFP” that the Israeli army wants “stability” in Lebanon, but said that “Hezbollah” is “a source of instability (…) that exploits state resources to serve the interests of the Iranians.” .

The source pointed out that Iran is “closer than ever before to producing the fissile material needed for nuclear weapons,” but it still needs two years to reach the production of a bomb, reiterating the timetable that Israeli officials had previously announced in this regard.The Iron Dome system deployed by Israel about a decade ago intercepted most of the rockets fired in May from Gaza, while about 300 rockets landed in populated areas in Israel.


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