iPhone 13 production reduced for this reason


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The US agency, “Bloomberg”, revealed that Apple may reduce production of the new smartphone, “iPhone 13”, due to the lack of chipsets.

According to the agency, “the company intends to produce 90 million smartphones in the last three months of 2021.”

“However, fewer devices will be produced because semiconductor partners cannot provide enough chips,” she added.

Apple had officially announced a new conference to be held on October 18, 2021, corresponding to next Monday, that is, several days later, a conference during which it is expected to reveal new Mac devices that often include the new expected version of the MacBook Pro with the new processor manufactured by Apple Silicon. In addition to the third generation of wireless earbuds AirPods and perhaps some other devices.

It is worth noting that many companies around the world are facing a crisis due to the lack of electronic chips, which prompted many of them to reduce production lines and raise prices to compensate for the lack of sales, which appeared significantly in the production of cars and their prices in the recent period.

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