International reactions to Erdogan’s announcement of the expulsion of foreign ambassadors…


International reactions emerged to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to order the Turkish Foreign Ministry to designate 10 ambassadors, including the ambassadors of the United States, Germany and France, “persona non grata”, against the backdrop of their demand for the release of Turkish businessman Osman Kavala, whom Ankara considers implicated. In the attempted coup in 2016.

European Parliament Speaker David Sassoli criticized Erdogan’s decision, writing on Twitter, “Expulsion of ambassadors of 10 countries is an indication of the authoritarian tendency of the Turkish government,” adding, “We will not be afraid. Freedom for Osman Kavala.”

For its part, the German Foreign Ministry confirmed that Berlin was holding consultations with other countries after the Turkish President announced the right of the ambassadors, and the ministry said, “We took into account the statements of Turkish President Erdogan.”

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry also indicated that its embassy in Ankara had not received a notification from the Turkish authorities. “Our ambassador did nothing to warrant expulsion,” the ministry’s director of communications, Trud Macedi, told Reuters in an emailed statement, adding that Turkey is well aware of Norway’s point of view. about the issue.

“We will continue to call on Turkey to comply with the democratic standards and rule of law that the country is committed to under the European Convention on Human Rights,” Macedi added.

The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it “will not comment until you hear anything officially through official channels,” and continued, “New Zealand values ​​its relationship with Turkey.”

The US State Department stressed that it is waiting for the Turkish side to clarify Ankara’s decision to expel the ambassadors of 10 countries, including the US ambassador, and a US State Department official said, “We have read these reports and are seeking clarification from the Turkish Foreign Ministry on this.”

Erdogan’s list includes the ambassadors of “the United States, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Finland.” The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the ten ambassadors and considered the statement issued by them to release Kavala as irresponsible.

The Turkish government rejects repeated calls by European countries and the United States to release Kavala and says it “does not accept any interference in the affairs of the judiciary.”

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